Andersen Log Homes Company, based in the heart of northern Minnesota, builds quality handcrafted log homes, cabins and commercial structures. We build and create using the traditional Scandinavian full scribe method, specializing in large timber using the interlocking “V-Joint” notch.

Our focus and specialty in the building process of a log home or cabin is crafting the log shell. Jon is passionate about his work, and teaches his love for log work with our craftsman. Each log is hand scribed to the log below it – with each log fitting very tightly, creating a naturally beautiful energy efficient log home. Our architects specialize in building log homes, so you can design the log home, cabin or office building of your dreams!

With Jon’s passion being the log work on each log home, we have a team of reliable General Contractors that will work with you and provide you with a “Turn-key” log home. Many homeowners we have built for act as their own General Contractor, and if you choose this route, we can provide you several sub-contractors that are experienced working with handcrafted log homes that we highly recommend.

Each log home and cabin we build is unique, with each one created and built to the specifications of each homeowner. Just like there are no two trees alike, no two log homes we have built are identical. What we have enjoyed most over the many years of building, is working with each homeowner finding different ways they can express themselves through their home.

Jon’s passion for log homes is visible by viewing a home he and our craftsmen have built. Our best advertising is a satisfied homeowner. We understand that building a log home or cabin for many people involves years of research, and selecting and preparing the layout of your home. Together, with our recommended and skilled general contractors and architects, we will build a log home for you that will reflect your tastes and style that will be enjoyed today and for generations to come.