Once you have chosen to build a log home, cabin or commercial structure with us and have property to build on, you will need to provide us a complete set of blueprints. ¬†We’ll also need to know the¬†General Contractor you choose. We will then provide you with a bid for the log shell, and the general contractor will submit bids to you for the full completion of the log home of your design. When you are satisfied with all the costs that will be incurred in the building process, we will submit contracts to you to hold your building time spot. Approximately six months prior to building your log shell, we will procure the logs for your home, debark them, and let them air dry before they are used in the construction of your home. While we are constructing your log shell in our building yard, this is the time to prepare your building site with excavating; building the foundation; getting septic and well in, and roughing in the plumbing and electrical needs for your home.

When the log shell is completed on our site, we label and tag each log, then disassemble it onto trailers. Home owners are welcomed to join us on their building site when their log cabin or home is put back together. Once the crane and first load of logs are in place at your building site, the first step in reassembling your log home is by having the gable ends moved off the foundation. The first course of logs are set on the foundation and squared up, followed by subsequent courses of logs. A fiberglass insulation is carefully stapled between each log’s lateral and corner notch before it goes back together on your site.

Once the log walls, posts and loft floor joist system are completely reassembled, the roof logs are set into the gable ends. When the log shell is completely reassembled on your site, the next step is is to have the roof installed on your log home. Once the roof is completed, we then come back out and meet with the home owner and general contractor to mark out all the door and window openings, interior slot cuts for partition walls and any other cuts necessary for the carpenters to complete their work. Our crew then hand cuts all the door and window openings and keyways, and other marked items that you need cutout. We also sand all log ends, and window opening to your specifications.