Larson’s Log Home: This spacious log home will be a favorite place for family and friends to gather inside and out. This home is built on a heated slab foundation, providing even heating throughout the whole home.The foundation is 28 sq. ft. by 59 sq. feet, with an outside kitchen and gathering area and log living area. The main floor is 28′ by 42′, with a total of 1,176 square feet, has an open floor plan with the large Kitchen, Dining area and Great room with a beautiful fireplace. The master bedroom with a deep walk in closet is on the main floor along with a full bathroom. The West-end of the home leads to the covered outside kitchen area that is 18′ x 28′ with full stove, sink, cabinetry and an outdoor fireplace. There is a half bathroom that is accessible from the outside of the home. The second floor of the home, with a total of 1,680 square feet, is fully lofted with four bedrooms with 9′ dormers in the roof system allowing more space and natural sunlight into each room. There is a full bathroom, mechanical room and large family room with a 12′ dormer. On the East-end of the log home, the two bedrooms each have sliding doors going out to balcony.  Start of log home May 1, 2020 – Completed on ALH site June 14, 2020.  Reassembled on homeowner’s site September 9, 2020.